Orchid root with Mycorrhiza, S. R. Senthilkumar, St. Joseph´s College, India Phragmites communis - Jan Martinek, Charles University, Věda je krásnáPlasma coating crossection, TESCAN
SEM image of ink-bottle silica nanopores, A. Sterczynska,NanoBioMediacl Centre (CNBM), Poznan, Poland Rhaphoneis - Pavel Skaloud, Charles University, Věda je krásná1- Gel beads coated with a RuC13 coatings, Magdalena Parlinska, University of Rzeszow, Poland
Scabiosa columbaria - Viktor Sykora, Charles University, Věda je krásnáCoral, TESCANPollen of Lavatera arborea, TESCAN
Pollen grain of Hyoseris radiata, TESCANDiatoms World, Mostafa Moonir Shawrav, Institute of Solid State Electronics, Austria Rotaviruses, Electronmicroscopy, Elisabeth M. Schraner, Institutes of Vet. Anatomy and Virology, Switzerland
4- Gel beads coated with a RuC13 coatings, Magdalena Parlinska, University of Rzeszow, Poland 2- CVD grown diamond film, Magdalena Parlinska, University of Rzeszow, Poland Cross section of an Abutilon leaf, Adriana Dominguez and Eduardo Favret, CNEA - INTA, Argentina
Paulinella chromatophora - Yvonne Nemcova, Charles University, Věda je krásná3- Gel beads coated with a RuC13 coatings, Magdalena Parlinska, University of Rzeszow, Poland Rust fungus spore,Adriana Dominguez and Eduardo Favret, CNEA - INTA, Argentina.jpg
Procapsid and nucleocapsid of dsRNA bacteriophage phi6, D. Nemecek, CryoEM Research Group CEITEC, Czech Republic Gold on Germanium, Benedykt R. Jany, Marian SmoluchowskiInstitute of Physics - Jagiellonian University, Poland 2- Gel beads coated with a RuC13 coatings, Magdalena Parlinska, University of Rzeszow, Poland

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The Czechoslovak Microscopy Society (CSMS) is the most significant scientific association focused on microscopy in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. With its almost 250 members, the CSMS is an active member of the European Microscopy Society (EMS). Besides organizing exchanges of scientific information, we concentrate on teaching microscopy to the youngest generation of scientists - all this in close collaboration with miroscopy companies residing in the Czech Republic.

The most important conferences organized by the CSMS:
  • EUREM 2000, Brno (president L. Frank)
  • Multinational Congress on Microscopy, Prague, 2007 (president P. Hozák)
Key persons in our history and their contribution to the world of microscopy:

Mojmír Petráň (*1923)

Laureate of the Presidential Award in science for the merit of the state

- the inventor of the spinning disk confocal microscope: a
microscope, using a scanner disk with multiple, centrosymmetric sets of spirally placed holes, was the first confocal microscope of its kind, using a spinning disk for scanning images of optical sections within thick specimens

Armin Delong (*1925)

Laureate of the "Czech Head" - a National Award from the Government of the Czech Republic

- founder of the Czechoslovak electron microscopy in the 1940's and 1950's
- designer of multiple novel types of electron microscopes
- recent author of the low energy transmission electron microscope

Rudolf Autrata (*1933 - +2006)

- awarded the International electron microscopy prize in 1985 for the development of electron detectors based on monocrystalline bivalent oxides
- inventor of the Autrata YAG detector of backscattered electrons
- key person of the Institute of Scientific Instruments of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, where he worked his whole life






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