Salt, TESCANChroococcus giganteus - Jan Stastny, Charles University, Věda je krásnáLeaf Fract, TESCAN
1- Gel beads coated with a RuC13 coatings, Magdalena Parlinska, University of Rzeszow, Poland Collagen fibers in cartilage, E. I. Romijn, NTNU, Trondheim 3- Diatom, Magdalena Parlinska, University of Rzeszow, Poland
PbI2 Crystallization, TESCANCoral, TESCANOrchid root showing with idioblastic cells, S. R. Senthilkumar, St. Joseph´s College, India
Butterfly Wings, Benedykt R. Jany, Marian SmoluchowskiInstitute of Physics - Jagiellonian University, Poland SEM image of ink-bottle silica nanopores, A. Sterczynska,NanoBioMediacl Centre (CNBM), Poznan, Poland Energy filtered TEM micrograph of yttria (in green) - zirconia (in red) multilayers, Chanchal Ghosh,  IGCAR, Kalpakkam, India
Pollen of Lavatera arborea, TESCANOrchid root stained with Acridine orange, S. R. Senthilkumar, St. Joseph´s College, India Offretite Scagno, TESCAN
Pollen grain of Hyoseris radiata, TESCANPowder metallurgy substrate, TESCANPlasma coating crossection, TESCAN
2- CVD grown diamond film, Magdalena Parlinska, University of Rzeszow, Poland Eudorina - Pavel Skaloud, Charles University, Věda je krásnáUniform core shell Fe nanoparticles, S. Bandyopadhyay, NTNU, Trondheim

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European Microscopy Society scholarship

The European Microscopy Society (EMS) has set aside 10.000 euro for scholarships for the participation at IMC2014 via a fast track system for early stage career researchers under the age of 35 or a case-by-case system for all other applicants. Applicants must be EMS member at the time of application. Application deadline is the same deadline as the ORIGINAL conference abstract submission deadline (closed). Each applicant must be registered at the meeting and present at least one abstract (poster or oral). CV (max. 1A4) and proof of student or early stage researcher when applicable have to be added to the application.

Successful applicants are expected to attend and participate in the entire meeting and present their abstract(s) personally at the meeting. After the meeting applicants need to provide EMS with a short written report including a photograph of their personal presentation (oral or poster) for possible inclusion in the 2014 EMS Yearbook.

Successful applicants will receive a scholarship covering an early stage career registration fee (EUR 197) plus a contribution to travel expenses dependent on travel distance (≤300km/300-2000km/>2000km = EUR 100/175/250). Reimbursements will be provided after the conference.

For applying, select "EMS scholarship" during your abstract submission and follow the instructions.

More info on EMS scholarships can be found at
Inquiries should be sent to:

To access the abstract submission system in which you can apply for the scholarship go to the IMC 2014 ONLINE GATE.






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