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List of Science Anniversaries for 2022

Even though the chances of 2022 being less of a catastrophe than 2021 are only even, it is the finest recent year for building a countdown of science milestones. This is generally brought about by the importance of science in our society.

Now, we are going to look back and celebrate the anniversaries within the science world for this year.

2022 Science Anniversaries

Let us check the list below:

100th Anniversary of the Discovery of Mathematical Weather Prediction

Lewis Fry Richardson, a mathematician and afterward became a psychologist, began his career at the National Peat Industries in England. He was tasked with estimating the best drainage system designs for peat moss under various rain conditions. He solved the equations and recognized they could be used to solve other issues, such as weather forecasting.

400th Anniversary of Slide Rule Invention

William Oughtred, a priest a mathematician, and a tutor were born in England around 1575. In 1631, he published a successful book that summarized arithmetic and algebra. Oughtred invented the very first slide rule nine years preceding his book.

50th Anniversary Celebration of Pioneer 10 Launch.

Pioneer 10 was the first robotic spacecraft to be launched into space from Earth. It was the first vessel to travel beyond Mars’ orbit and the gap between Neptune and the rest of the solar system.