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What Is The Difference Between Science and Technology

The meaning of science and technology. It also describes the difference between the science and technology.


How to Memorize Fast and Easily

Quick and easy challenge and discover the natural power of your memory.


Best Scientific Study Tips

Studying become easier as your brain trained to learn in those moments. Watch this film to know more.


Working Memory In Learning And Teaching

A look at the use of working memory, and its relevance to learning, teaching and performance

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Social Science – The Works of Jose Rizal, Impact on Filipino People

Literature had always been part of the Filipino people. It was the literature of Dr. Jose P. Rizal who have somewhat ignited the passion of the people to fight for their freedom, their country.

Who is Dr. Jose P. Rizal?

Jose Rizal was born in Calamba, Laguna Philippines on June 19, 1861. He was executed in Manila on 30th December 1896, in Luneta Manila. Jose Rizal is the national hero of the Philippines, a patriot, a doctor, and a novelist. He served as an inspiration for the Philippines nationalist movement.

The son of a wealthy landowner, Rizal was educated in Ateneo de Manila and at the University of Madrid. A brilliant medical student, he soon became involved in reforming Spanish rule in his home country, but never advocated Philippine independence. Most of his writings originated in Europe, where he lived between 1882 and 1892.

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The Writings of Dr. Jose P. Rizal

Rizal published his first novel in 1887. The Noli Me Tangere (Touch Me Not). Read the Noli Me Tangere Summary here. The book is an ardent coverage of the afflictions of the Spanish regime in the country, Philippines. A follow-up novel, El Felibusterismo (The Reign of Greed ) was published in 1891. He identified his status as a prominent spokesperson for the reformist in the Philippines. He printed an annotated copy of Antonio Morga’s Events of the Philippine Islands, published in 1890 and was reprinted in 1958 with the hopes to demonstrate that the indigenous Filipino people had a very long heritage ahead of the Spanish regime. He became the leader of the propaganda movement and wrote numerous articles for their newspaper, The Solidarity, published in Barcelona. Rizal’s political program included integration of the Philippines as a Spanish province, representation in the Cortes (Spanish Parliament), replacing the Spanish brothers with Filipino priests, freedom of assembly and expression, and equality before the law for Filipinos and Spaniards.

Rizal returned to the Philippines in 1892. He founded a non-violent reform society, the Philippine League, in Manila and was deported to Dapitan in northwest Mindanao. He remained in exile for the next four years. In 1896, Rizal was taken away and charged with sedition, being the inspiration of the Katipunan that held an uprising during that time. He was found guilty and executed in public by firing squad in Luneta Manila. His martyrdom persuaded the Filipinos that there was clearly no substitute for freedom from Spain. The night before his execution, even though locked up in Fort Santiago, Rizal had written Último adiós (Last Farewell).

The Scientific Explanation about Love

Tenesha Wood works as a matchmaker, but she acknowledges that she can’t always tell whether a couple would click. Wood is the founder of The Broomlist, a professional matchmaking firm, and her clients typically tell her exactly who they’re searching for.

Matchmaking requires many of the same abilities as therapy — incisive questions, active listening, and consistent teaching — but not in terms of perfect science.

Relationship psychology is a scientific sub-category related to this and is dedicated to unraveling one of life’s great mysteries. Psychologists began to publicize their findings. Researchers may get participants to view what they desire in a mate before the dates, and then compare their notes to who they selected to be with on more dates.

The idea is that finding love is possible if we look hard enough. The opposing viewpoint contends that love blooms in an unpredictable, even chaotic manner, implying that it might be formed between two individuals who are not aware that they tend to be compatible.

Scientists’ thorough research can decode the code of love.

The expressed preferences of individuals can assist determine who they’d get along with. Although our preferences may not completely match up with someone we choose to get along with on a date, he believes they remain to be a part of the brain software that steers us to a match.

Best Kits in Science and Chemistry for Kids

One of the perfect gift ideas for kids is a chemistry set. Yet, some kids are not fond of doing some experiments here and there, so they may find this boring. On that note, they are generally having fun when it comes to space and the natural world. With that, science kits are available for them as well.

So, if you are looking for gifts for your future chemist or scientist, the list below might be interesting for you.

Science and Chemistry Kits for Kids

Check these out and see which one is a perfect gift idea for your kiddos.

1-Galt Toys Science Lab

In case your science enthusiast is as young as 6 years old, then this starter set is a good one to give. This is a laboratory book containing 32 pages that explains the proper way of executing 20 various experiments.

2-Thames & Kosmos Electricity and Magnetism Kit

Experiments with magnets and electricity are the focus of this science kit. Basically, this is a perfect choice for those technically minded kids.

3-Kids First: Plants Science Kit

This Plants Science Kit aims to connect the kids into nature so that their curiosity would never lose up. The 20 pages of this book include step-by-step instructions and illustrations of various experiments.

Science: Meat as a driving force



According to a popular hypothesis, eating meat has given our ancestors energy for a large brain and a jump to early humans. But it refutes a new analysis of archaeological discoveries from East Africa. Therefore, the increase in the proportion of animal foods occurs only due to the uneven density of discoveries. More Homo erectus relics have been discovered targeted and dug up to learn more about their diet.

Promotion of development by nutrition?

But what helped these early humans develop their development? Anthropologists have long suspected that a change in diet could have played an important role. Because it determines how much energy is available for the brain and how efficiently the nutrients can be utilized during digestion.

One hypothesis is that the invention of fire and cooking provided the necessary energy boost: because cooked food is more digestible, it provides more energy than raw food and this may have allowed Homo erectus to develop its larger brain. Alternatively, some researchers suspect that it was the switch to a meat-heavy diet that advanced early humans.

Fossil evidence under scrutiny

In fact, archaeological finds seem to support this “flesh made us human” hypothesis: Animal bones with cut marks and other relics of primeval slaughter were particularly often discovered at sites of Homo erectus. “Generations of paleoanthropologists have traveled to places like the famous Olduvai Gorge, seeking and finding evidence of meat-eating by these early humans,” says lead author Andrew Barr of George Washington University in Washington DC.

The problem, however, is that the fossil records of our ancestors are few and far between and are not evenly distributed in terms of space or time. For Barr and his team, the question, therefore, arose as to whether the finds known to date are sufficient to document such a change in eating habits. To check this, they examined archaeological relics from nine find regions in East Africa and 59 find strata between 2.6 and 1.2 million years old.

No apparent trend towards more meat

The analysis showed that the accumulation of animal bones and other evidence of animal food from around two million years ago is less due to the actual diet of our ancestors than to the unequal distribution of the finds. For example, the period 2.6 million to 1.9 million years ago is highly underestimated, and there is little evidence of apes and their diet fossils from this period. There are many more discoveries from the next phase, Link Building Services Agency.

Explanation of alternatives required

According to the research team, the results show that the flesh hypothesis is so weak that it cannot be proved, at least by current knowledge. “The fact that there was no convincing increase in the diet of Homo erectus animals suggests that an alternative explanation for its advanced properties is needed,”.

So it may have been the use of fire and the consumption of cooked food that gave our ancestors more energy. Changes in the social structure for example, due to the growing role of grandparents could also have given homo Erectus advantages.

Best Vehicle Technological Advancement for the Last 10 Years



It all began with the use of steam power. Isn’t it incredible? For the first time in history, steam-powered vehicles arrived in the 18th century. Let’s explore what the automobile industry’s major technological advancements have been in the previous 20 years.

1. Navigation

In our automobiles, we’re already used to GPS. Drivers depended on paper maps until Mazda debuted the Eunos Cosmo with a GPS system in 1990.

Who do we owe this technological advancement to? The Global Positioning System (GPS) was originally deployed by the US Air Force in 1978. If you’re stumped for research paper ideas, consider writing on the history of GPS. You won’t even need to recruit research assistants since you’ll be so motivated. Who doesn’t appreciate learning about the history of automobiles?

2. More advanced headlamp technology

It’s another another significant alteration brought about by the 1990s. In 1992, high-intensity discharge (HID) headlights were launched. They were substantially brighter than the halogen lights that had previously been used in automobiles. LED headlights first appeared on the market in the early 2000s. Today, we have adaptive LED headlights that detect and react to the circumstances in the environment.

3. Turbocharging

In this area, Ford and General Motors were the industry leaders. They were the first to debut tiny turbocharged engines in cheap automobiles in 2008 and 2009. Small automobiles were no longer derided at this time. They were able to achieve the power of considerably bigger engines with this approach.

4. Pedestrian recognition and emergency braking system are both automatic.

Do you know why Volvo is known for producing the safest vehicles? It’s because they invented the first commercially available emergency braking system, which automatically brakes the vehicle to prevent an accident. Volvo achieved this with the use of laser camera technology.


Without the on-board diagnostics system, a competent technician will be able to diagnose the issue. This technology, on the other hand, assists you in determining when your vehicle need maintenance. Some issues might go unrecognized for a long time until they cause harm. You can tell when it’s time to visit a mechanic by the lights that emerge on the board.

Now more and more cars with offers of better innovations are in the market. Earnhardt Honda (see inventory), a reliable car dealer in Arizona can attest to these developments.


2021 List of the Best Science Stories

Scientists gave their opinions and insights regarding the most notable development in the field of science and technology over this year. So, before we bid farewell to 2021, let us look back on the important development we had this year.

Science’s Important Improvements in 2021

1-Billionaire Space Race

In 2021, space took center stage in both headlines and public consciousness. From landing NASA’s Perseverance rover on Mars to the arrival of a rare meteorite just down our street; launching missions with props hitting asteroids or discovering nearly 200 new planets beyond our solar system – all shared their momentary fame alongside us!

Yet, the most complex coverage in terms of space news was generally achieved by William Shatner, or known as Captain James T Kirk from the USS Enterprise. He reached outside Earth’s atmosphere in October 2021; well actually it’s more like an 11-minutes flight – so fast!

2-Racial bias in healthcare

In 2021, the world came to a shocking realization. Black people and Asian Americans were being discriminated against in healthcare because there is institutional racism at work within our institutions.

A mix of professional bias combined with technical problems means that some populations suffer more than others when it comes time for treatment or prevention measures – something which needs changing now if we ever hope to improve health outcomes!

3-New understanding of treatments for Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a rare condition that affects the nervous system. It has no known cause and currently, there are limited treatments. This includes cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) or exercises therapy. The process involves stepping up gradually in intensity from low-level exercises such as walking over time towards more intense activities like swimming which can be hard on your body but good for mental health too!

Importance of Science in our Society

Our society is hungry for knowledge. Science provides knowledge and plays an important role as a resource for knowledge. In this new age, however, science is confronted with challenges. With digitization, the traditional sharing of knowledge has revolutionized. False information is most likely to spread and that could be dangerous. Therefore, it is important to verify facts before we totally take it in as good knowledge.

Science is so important that it is a requirement for a healthy society. In our world the primary science is mathematics. Mathematics is the language of science. It is essential to the understanding that science provides and to the discovery of new knowledge.

While we learn new things through science, we also learn through experience. On a personal level, this means that we learn in many ways: by reading, research, and scientific studies that require analysis.

Importance of Science among children

Our young ones are filled with curiosity. And science can well explain things and events that are new to them. Fun experiments that can be done at home can help answer their questions.

Importance of Science among children has been recognized by the United States Congress. Every year students write to Congress in support of the National Science Education Standards (NSES). These are the standards that science teachers use at the elementary, middle and high school levels to incorporate science into the classroom. The NSES are voluntary and are recommended by the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA).

Scientists and experts play a vital role in our society. They help us to answer questions that we may not have the expertise to answer ourselves. They also educate us and help us to understand how the world works. Science is so important that it is a requirement for a healthy society.