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Science from January to March 2022

It is a research trend in science with the collective behavior of a group of researchers who begin to devote close attention to a certain scientific issue. The following summarizes a number of major scientific events that occurred in the first quarter of 2022.




For the first time, Israel reports a case of flurona, a rare combination of coronavirus and influenza viruses. OpenAlex is an online free index of more than 200M research papers, each containing metadata such as citations, sources, research subjects and author information. The API as well as open source website may be used to query this semantic web of publications for metascience, scientometrics, and innovative tools.


Scientists demonstrate how antibiotic resistance emerges spontaneously, both with and without the usage of medicines. For the first time in human history, the global atmospheric methane concentration reaches 1,900 parts per billion.



A new method there at Joint European Torus exceeds the old fusing energy production record achieved in 1997 by more than double (59 M J). According to the American Geophysical Union, based on a research released in November by Chinese experts, climate change has likely begun to choke the world’s fisheries, reaching a crucial oxygen loss threshold in 2021.