Imc 2014


Why Is Science Important To Society?

Knowledge is important to society. In addition to physical activity, mineral resources, and capital, knowledge is a gradually essential resource in this society. Science makes a noteworthy contribution to knowledge production. However, it can also face new challenges every now and then. After all, digitization is changing the way in which society produce, organize, and above all, receive knowledge. In a deliberative democracy it is significant that discourses are informed. People make decisions based on the best possible basis of knowledge. Science helps make democracies work, drives innovation, and helps countries compete in the global economy.

Role of science in a digital society

Science can never provide an objective account or a universal truth of the world. However, it can offer methodologically testable interpretations, question certainties and initiate reflections. Thus, science has a significant role in society. At the same time, it bears great responsibility.